Meeting 29-Nov-2007

The last meeting was a bit of a mixed bag. We turned up to the club house and found some of the diving club members hanging around for various reasons – not the least of which was a new key so we could get access to the building. Consequently the meeting was slow to start.

I would like to say a hello to Chris who turned up. I am sorry I didn’t get much more time to talk to you, but we had several people with things to sort through.

On that note, I sometimes find it difficult to have a couple of technical discussions going on at a time – you know the sort of thing, one walk through hits a point where you are waiting for it to finish, so you strike up another conversation which leads to something else technical. Before you know it your head is swimming. I sometimes wonder how any of you make sense from me when that’s going on.

After the initial rush of problems, the meeting appeared to split into 3 loose groups this time: One sorting out Stuart’s 64-bit desktop install, one getting trying to get John’s ubuntu to recognise his graphics card properly for the 3D stuff, and one putting the new VMware server through it’s paces.

A few months ago Richard donated a reasonable spec tower to the group for demonstration purposes. Andrew has taken this machine home and installed a minimal Gentoo system with a lightweight(ish) desktop environment. This machine now runs VMWare Server and we can install and generally mess about with many Linux installations to our hearts content.

OK, maybe it won’t really help with specific hardware issues due to the abstract nature of the hardware that is emulated within the virtual machine, but it will be brilliant to demonstrate things like how to set up a web server, or mail server, etc. With the inbuilt snapshot function, we can even roll back to a known working image if we totally stuff it up.

For Linux enthusiasts in Mansfield and the surrounding areas